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  • 29 2019-04

    Celebrating May Day and Creating Together

  • 15 2019-02

    "Wang Dog Tim Choi resigns from his old age, Golden Pig Nafu welcomes the Spring Festival"

  • 28 2018-11

    Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group's first group building activity

    The rain of the tung leaves is dry, and the real pearls are falling on the jade plate. In the drizzling winter of Wutong Mountain, the Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group held the first group building event since its initial establishment. Attend and participate in this event. Leading guests include: Li Shaofeng, Li Dong, General Mao Dadong, General Manager Zhang Chi, General Manager Zhou Jinjun, General Manager Xu Zhigang, General Manager Kang Huiyan, and Director Li Chunying.

  • 19 2018-11

    The 24th "Oystership Cup" Basketball Match in Shajing Street

    The king of the ball went to the "Oyster" to welcome the world in a slightly cold autumn wind. The Xinwei Communication Basketball Team ushered in the twenty-fourth "Commercial Chamber ‧ Oyster Cup" on Shajing Street, although it was not the first time for Xiaobian to watch it. The competition of Xinwei partners, but every time there was a feeling of blood boiling. The following editors will lead everyone to witness this exciting moment ...

  • 07 2018-09

    One "cup" and one "will", the "basket" is menacing

    The 2018 “Two New” Party Organization of Shajing Street organized the first “Party Construction Cup” men's basketball game and the 2018 Shenzhen Enterprise Games to play the political core role of the “Two New” organization of Shajing Street and the “Two New” Party organization Build a platform for serving enterprises, party members, and employees, and strengthen the cohesion of the "two new" party organizations

  • 06 2018-07

    2018 Xinwei Group's first internal basketball league-Champion and runner-up hegemony

    At 18:15 pm on July 6, 2018, the "2018 Xinwei Group's First Internal Basketball League" hosted by the Shenzhen Xinwei Communication Co., Ltd. Group Sports League Basketball Association. After more than two months, The hard preparations and training, and the intense competition for more than a month, officially ended today. Director of Human Resources Li Hui, Sports Federation

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