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High-speed interconnection

Source of information: Date of this site: 2016-03-01


The rapid application of the Internet and smart terminals has caused an explosive growth in the amount of global data, which has greatly promoted the development of high-performance supercomputing center (HPC) and data center markets with high-speed routers, supercomputing and storage as the core. With the gradual commercialization of servers, switches and other equipment that provide 40G / 100G ports in data centers, the demand for high-speed optical interconnection products is also increasing. At present, domestic device manufacturers continue to develop and innovate optical interconnection technologies. Integrate parallel optical modules and high-frequency signal integrity technology for deep understanding and research. The key requirements of optical interconnect products are high speed, high density, low cost, and low power consumption. The demand for higher bandwidth and lower power consumption of data center / cloud computing systems is more and more urgent. AOC active optical cable is one of the best solutions to meet this demand. Compared with interconnected copper cables, AOC active optical cables have Many significant advantages, such as lower transmission power on the system link, only a quarter of the weight of a direct-connected copper cable, slightly less than half the volume of a copper cable, and better airflow and heat dissipation in the wiring system of the computer room The bending radius of the optical cable is smaller than that of the copper cable, and the transmission distance is longer (up to 100 ~ 300 meters), and the bit error rate of the product transmission performance is also better, and the BER can reach 10 ^ -15. Compared with the optical transceiver module, the AOC active optical cable can reach 10 ^ -15 due to the non-exposed optical interface. Compared with the optical transceiver module, the AOC active optical cable has a non-exposed optical interface, does not have the problem of cleaning and pollution of the optical interface, the system stability and reliability are greatly improved, and the maintenance cost of the equipment room is reduced. High-speed optical interconnect products 40Gbps QSFP + AOC and 120Gbps CXP AOC no longer adopt the TOSA / ROSA structural design of traditional pluggable transceivers, but use highly integrated array optical engine core device technology. These products are fully suitable for infiniband interconnection application scenarios, and also comply with Ethernet IEEE 802.3ba. In the field of data centers and cloud computing systems, array optical engine technology has been widely used in active fiber optic cable products-interconnection between servers and switches.

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