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Industrial equipment

Source of information: Date of this site: 2016-03-01


In industrial equipment, the electronic control system is closely related to the wiring harness. Someone once used an image metaphor: a microcomputer is equivalent to the human brain, a sensor is equivalent to a sensory organ, and an executive component is equivalent to a motor tube. Then the wiring harness is the nerve and blood vessels. Industrial wiring harnesses are divided into two types of functions: power lines that carry electric power for driving the execution components (actuators) and signal lines that transmit sensor input commands. Power lines are thick wires that carry large currents, while signal lines are thin wires (optical fiber communications) that do not carry electricity. In addition to considering the electrical performance, the choice of wires is also restricted by the physical performance of the equipment during operation. For example, the frequent start / stop system operation of industrial equipment and the wires across the equipment should be composed of well-flexible wires. In recent years, electromagnetic shielding wires used by weak signal circuits have also been increasing. With the increasing demand for products, equipment functions continue to increase, the general application of electronic control technology, the number of circuits and power consumption on the equipment has increased significantly, and the wiring harness has become thicker and heavier. How to arrange the internal space of the equipment more effectively and reasonably so that the industrial wiring harness can play a greater function has become a problem facing the industrial equipment manufacturing industry.

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