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RF radio frequency

Source of information: Date of this site: 2016-03-01


RF is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, and Chinese is radio frequency, which means the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space. Radio frequency is abbreviated as RF radio frequency (radio frequency current), which is an abbreviation of high-frequency alternating-current electromagnetic waves. In electronics theory, a current flows through a conductor, and a magnetic field is formed around the conductor; an alternating current passes through the conductor, and an alternating electromagnetic field is formed around the conductor called an electromagnetic wave. When the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is lower than 100 KHz, the electromagnetic wave will be absorbed by the ground, Cannot form effective transmission, but when the frequency of electromagnetic waves is higher than 100 KHz, the electromagnetic waves can propagate in the air and be reflected by the ionosphere at the outer edge of the atmosphere to form long-distance transmission capabilities. We call high-frequency electromagnetic waves with long-distance transmission capabilities. For RF; RF technology is widely used in RF power amplifier testing, mobile device / wireless, communication system design and testing, wireless infrastructure testing, radar design and testing, spectrum monitoring / signal intelligence, RF production testing, aerospace, military, and marine, etc. Field.

The coaxial connectors commonly used in the RF industry are SMA, N Type, SMB, SMPM, BNC, TNC, MCX, 7/16, I-PEX, etc. The coaxial connector type coupling mechanism has threaded connection and double bayonet insertion Type, sliding type, card type.

The basic RF parameters are Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, SWR (Return Standing Wave Ratio), Return Loss Return Loss (RL), Inertion Loss Insertion Loss, also known as Attenuation, Velocity of Propagtion Transmission Rate (VP), Time Delay Delay, etc.

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