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MFI charging data cable

Source of information: Date of this site: 2016-03-01


MFI charging data cable, also known as Lightning charging data cable; Lightning, as the name suggests, means "lightning", which is a data cable with high-speed transmission function, the transmission rate can reach: 480Mbps / second; it can be directly or through a USB 2.0 cable Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the USB port on your computer via the dock to synchronize and charge effectively, or connect to the Apple USB power adapter for quick charging from a wall outlet;

Lighting has 8 contacts on both sides of the front and back. The function of each contact is defined by a digital chip, which greatly reduces the space at the bottom. Apple officially announced that the new interface has reduced the volume by 80%; Can be convenient for users, regardless of the front and back data cables, the interface is very difficult to distinguish between the front and back. If it is inserted in the wrong direction, it will easily cause physical damage to the entire card slot; it is easy to clean, and there will be a small one next to the contact of the interface. The groove is relatively low in curvature, and the application of the new material makes the interface easy to keep clean;

The Lightning interface has a very high resistance to plugging and unplugging, which can reach more than 10,000 times. At the same time, it has high stability, strong compatibility, perfect support for iTunes data synchronization, stable data transmission, support for all versions of IOS, and perfect support for iPhone5C, iPhone5S, iPhone6, iPhone6S, Data transfer synchronization function and product charging function of all Apple products such as iPad4, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPod nano.

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