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One "cup" and one "will", the "basket" is menacing

Source of information: Date of this site: 2018-09-07


In 2018, the "Two New" party organization in Shajing Street organized the first "Party Construction Cup" men's basketball game and the 2018 Shenzhen Fifth Enterprise Games

In order to give full play to the political core role of the "two new" organizations in Shajing Street, build a platform for service companies, party members, and employees for the "two new" party organizations in the park, enhance the cohesion of the "two new" party organizations, and at the same time enrich the corporate cultural life In order to enhance communication and exchange between enterprises, in August 2018, the company's basketball team re-selected and formed a new Shineway basketball after the recently concluded Shineway Group's first internal basketball league in 2018. The team faced a "cup" and a "meeting". It can be seen that when facing challenges and difficulties, our company has the fearless spirit of advancing and advancing.

Group photo

One of the exciting games

In the face of participating in the first "Party Construction Cup" men's basketball game of the 2018 "Two New" party organization of Shajing Street and the 5th Shenzhen Enterprise Games in 2018 and confronting with a newly formed Xinwei Communication Basketball team, Organizers, team leaders, back-office workers, or basketball players participating in the game, there is still some pressure in mind. However, for each game, the participating players are aggressive, take it seriously, wielding a bit of passionate sweat; working hard to win a precious goal. Players from zero tacit understanding to tacit cooperation, unity, stubbornness, persistence, and persistence are all inseparable from the hard training before the game and the support of the "Xinwei Spirit", which fully demonstrates that Xinwei basketball athletes are vigorous and upward. The spirit and self-confidence of youthful vitality perfectly explain the true meaning and significance of sports spirit.

The Xinwei Basketball Team strengthens the team through games and updates (especially through the strongest basketball players selected from various business units and molecular companies in the first internal basketball league of the Xinwei Group organized in May-July 2018). The new Xinwei Communication Basketball Team), from a long stop in the trials, to today's masters such as the 2018 Shenzhen 5th Enterprise Games basketball game, achieved second place in the group. The group went out and achieved an unexpected third place (3rd place) in the first "Party Building Cup" men's basketball game of the "Two New" Party organization in Shajing Street in 2018. These are not only a ranking, a milestone, but also a letter. The proof that the Victoria basketball team has become stronger and larger is a sign of the development of Xinwei Communication towards faster, higher and stronger; Xinwei basketball team has actively participated in related activities organized by government departments, responding to the government ’s call, and obtained The two new basketball stands funded by the Sub-district Office are organized and installed in place, which shows that the future of Xinwei Communication is more brilliant!

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The basketball game not only enriched the amateur sports life of the employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to devote themselves to sports. Let everyone who loves sports reignite the passion of sports. It reflects the company spirit that our company has always advocated, which emphasizes the cultivation of the comprehensive quality of employees, at the same time strengthens the in-depth implementation of the corporate culture, enhances the friendship between employees, and cultivates the spirit of unity and cooperation.

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