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Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group's first group building activity

Information source: Date of this site: 2018-11-28


The rain of the tung leaves is dry, and the real pearls are falling on the jade plate. In the drizzling winter of Wutong Mountain, the Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group held the first group building event since its initial establishment. Attend and participate in this event. Leading guests include: Li Shaofeng, Li Dong, General Mao Dadong, General Manager Zhang Chi, General Manager Zhou Jinjun, General Manager Xu Zhigang, General Manager Kang Huiyan, and Director Li Chunying. On November 25, 2018, on this day, the weather changed from the clear weather at the departure time to the drizzle when reaching the destination of Wutong Mountain, just like "Good rain knows people come (season), when encounter (spring) happens", very The occasion welcomed the friends of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group.

Group photo

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Wutong Mountain is located in the coastal area, facing Dapeng Bay in the South China Sea. It is connected to the New Territories Mountains in Hong Kong and connected to the river. It has a unique geographical location among the scenic spots in China. Wutong Mountain is the birthplace of the "Shenzhen River". Wutong Mountain is densely forested and its main peak springs into Tianchi. Tianchi water runs down the valley to form a spectacular waterfall group. When the spring rains, it drops a hundred meters, and the sound is like a bell. It stirs the millennial waves and emits tens of thousands of misty flowers, which is extremely beautiful. The Longtan water flows to the Longzhu Mountain and gathers eight valley canals to form the Shenzhen River. Mr. Feng Shui calls this place: the treasure of Feng Shui, the "Jiulong Opera Pearl". There is a lover tree on Wutong Mountain, which is made of nine ancient trees and old vines, and there is a fairy chair under the tree. Waterfalls, strange stones, ancient trees, green bamboo, wonderful scenery, and superb scenery are breathtaking. In China's "Book of Songs" there are records about Indus: "Phoenix chanting, in Bi Gaogang. Indus is born in Peking, in Chaoyang. He, Yong Yong." "Zhuangzi Qiu Shui" also Mentioned Indus: "There are birds in the south, and their names are the young chicks. The child knows what? The young chicks fly from the South China Sea and fly to the North Sea. Not only non-Chinese parasols ...". It can be seen that the nobility of the sycamore, only the sycamore phoenix comes, and the phoenix is not inhabited by the sycamore. Now, all the small partners of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Group meet here to work together and work hard together. We also want to borrow the spirit of Wutong Mountain, so that Xinwei-Cable and Connector Group can " Plant a sycamore tree and have your own phoenix! "

Group photo

On November 25, 2018 at 7:45 a.m., all members gathered in place, and after the distribution of water, fruits and bread by logistics staff, began the first group building journey of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group. In this refreshing In the weather, after a week of strong work pressure, the little friends gradually took off their fatigues and went to sleep. After 2 hours of travel, we finally reached the North Gate of Wutong Mountain, the starting point of this group building activity. At the same time, the enthusiastic Indus rain also greeted us. After a few adjustments, after taking the group photo at 10:00 am, the Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group mountaineering team marched towards the Butterfly Valley. This trekking activity promotes the spirit of "health, friendship, progress, breaking through limits, and surpassing oneself." The Shineway-Cable and Connector business group teamed up to enjoy the scent of birds and flowers in the deep mountains. In the process, the autumn wind always makes people feel refreshed. After walking a long long slope, we finally reached the turning point of this hiking activity-Butterfly Valley. The Butterfly Valley has a beautiful name but contains danger. This section of the downhill road is all stone roads and is built along a mountain, with cliffs and cliffs, and the smoggy rain is gradually increasing, making this section more slippery and difficult to walk. Difficult roads cannot stop our progress. In the face of difficult roads, we do not distinguish each other, complement each other, and make progress together. The impermanent rain has never extinguished our enthusiasm. In the face of the heavy rain, we have to A small umbrella covered half of the sky and closed our hearts. At 13:17, the small partners of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group arrived at the destination of this event-Xiantong Sports Park. Although I thought about giving up in this hiking activity, I finally insisted on it; I have complained in my heart, but I am still considerate; I have been lonely and helpless, but I still look forward to trusting, this is the strength of the team! In accordance with the principle of not leaving a team member, after checking the number of people has been confirmed, they started to go to the dining place. On the road, everyone will share the food between you and me, which is also the strength of the team!

Let's go!

Beautiful scenery, in wonderland ...

I will be young when I am young ...

Look at me gesture.Scissors hand

14:14 Friends of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group arrived at the hotel one after another. At this moment, the logistic staff had warmly asked the hotel to prepare warm ginger tea to drive everyone out of the cold. After everyone has been fighting the cold for a while, the summary and commendation conference of this group building activity will begin. At the meeting, Li Dong, General Manager Mao, General Manager Zhang, General Manager Zhou, General Manager Xu, General Manager Kang and General Manager Li respectively affirmed and supported the organization of the Wutong Mountain hiking activity for the first group building activity of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group. And all the partners of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group have released the common operating goals for the three years of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Then, the small group that won the top three in this trekking ceremony will be awarded with a certificate of merit. Their physical strength, teamwork ability and team honor are worthy of our learning. In the end, after wading through mountains, wind and rain, we were hungry and began to enjoy a rich lunch. At the same time, it also foreshadows the successful completion of the first group building activity of Xinwei-Cable and Connector Business Group.

leader's speech

Triumphant return

Have a drink

Through the generation, display, and integration of the Xinwei-Cable and Connector business group, employees were strengthened in their understanding and communication skills, and the spirit of creating an excellent business group was enhanced. Colleagues learned in practical exercises and changed in experiential learning. Benefited a lot and gained more insights into life. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone deeply felt the essence of "uninterrupted teamwork" and the responsibility to be a member of the business team. At this time, under intense work and pressure, approaching nature, feeling the green grass and blue sky, releasing the mind, improving work efficiency, mobilizing enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work, providing a solid foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development .

"Planting a sycamore tree and owning a phoenix", in the future development of the Xinwei-Cable and Connector business group, people-oriented, practically caring about the work and life of employees, and continuously carry out a variety of knowledge and skills training And employee cultural activities, and continuously cultivate, refine and shape the team spirit, dedication and innovation of employees, can only further strengthen the company's centripetal force and cohesion, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.

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