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The 24th "Oystership Cup" Basketball Match in Shajing Street

Information source: Liu Huajie Date: 2018-11-19


The king of the ball goes "Oyster" to dominate the world

Facing the slightly cold wind, Xinwei Communication Basketball Team ushered in the twenty-fourth "Chamber of Commerce? Oixiang Cup" on Shajing Street. Although Xiaobian is not the first time to watch Xinwei's partners, Every time there was a feeling of blood boiling. The following editors will lead you to witness this exciting moment ...

Dive into the enemy camp, steal, dribble,

Passing, shooting, defending

Two words perfect

Wow wow, it was such a handsome shooting posture when you came up, be careful ??, the beauties quickly burst into the lights

The so-called "slam dunk" is to show the courage to smash the rebound, so there is no doubt how explosive the power of the basketball warriors is.

Every boy has a "basketball dream" in his heart, and an anime called "Slam Dunk" in his youth

Their eyes are like a torch, their belief;

Sweating is their victory;

Victory is their confidence!

Can't forget, every perfect jump;

Can't forget, every beautiful turn;

Can't forget, every beautiful shot.

A basketball, hearty;

One game, go straight forward;

Although the final result believes that the Uighur team members ranked fourth, although we are still defeated, we maintain the mentality of being brave enough to challenge ourselves and persist in the event of victory.

Each member of Xinwei Communication adheres to Xinwei's values of pursuing the ultimate, courageous, and responsible, with a mentality that must be made and win, face difficulties when they encounter difficulties, and create all possible conditions Meet and fight.

Come on, Xinwei will be better tomorrow! !! !!

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