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  • 01 2016-03

    MFI charging data cable

    Product knowledge of MFI charging data cable: MFI charging data cable, also known as Lightning charging data cable; Lightning, as the name implies, means "lightning", which is a data cable with high-speed transmission function, and the transmission rate can reach: 480Mbps / second; USB 2.0 cable can connect your iphone, ipad or iPod to your computer directly or indirectly through the dock

  • 01 2016-03

    RF radio frequency

    RF RF Product Knowledge: RF is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, and Chinese is radio frequency, which means the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space. In electronics theory, when a current flows through a conductor, a magnetic field is formed around the conductor; an alternating current flows through the conductor

  • 01 2016-03

    Industrial equipment

    Industrial equipment products: In industrial equipment, the electronic control system is closely related to the wiring harness. Someone once used an image metaphor: a microcomputer is equivalent to the human brain, a sensor is equivalent to a sensory organ, and an actuator is equivalent to a motor tube. Then the wiring harness is the nerve and blood vessels. The industrial wiring harness is divided into functions, and there are carrier-driven actuators.

  • 01 2016-03

    High-speed interconnection

    High-speed interconnection products: The rapid application of the Internet and smart terminals has caused an explosive growth in the global data volume, which has greatly promoted the development of high-performance supercomputing centers (HPC) and data center markets with high-speed routers, supercomputing and storage as the core. With the provision of 40G / 100G ports for servers, switches and other equipment in data centers,

  • 01 2016-03

    factory reset

    What is a car harness? Automobile wiring harness is the main body of the network of automobile circuit. Without wiring harness, there is no automobile circuit. At present, whether it is a high-end luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of the wire harness is basically the same, and is composed of wires, connectors, protective sleeves and positioning parts. & nb

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