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Once hired, the treatment is excellent! The trial period is one month to three months, and five days and eight hours of work:

General workers: sufficient supply, quantitative timing. Overtime during normal time: 19.14 yuan / hour; Overtime on weekends: 25.52 yuan / hour; Overtime on holidays: 38.28 yuan / hour; Post allowance: 50-1450 yuan;

Salary and benefits:

1. Staff provide free board and lodging (the dormitory is equipped with water heater, air conditioner, toilet and independent balcony);

2. The company implements a five-day, eight-hour system, with overtime adjustable weekends;

3. The company purchases five insurances and one fund for employees, and enjoys paid annual leave stipulated by the state, and other holidays are implemented in accordance with the state regulations;

4. Enjoy double salary at the end of the year according to the company's performance; excellent backbones enjoy equity incentives after the group evaluates;

5. The company selects and evaluates outstanding employees and bonuses on a quarterly basis, with an annual award of 5,000 yuan for outstanding employees and 50,000 yuan for outstanding teams;

6. The company regularly organizes various types of cultural and sports activities every year, and the annual dinner draw, and the staff enjoys the annual travel once;

7. Give birthday gifts and birthday parties to employees who have birthdays every month; employees enjoy monthly team building expenses of 50 yuan / person.

Career Development:

1. The company adheres to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, strives to train and tap internal talents, and regularly conducts training courses for reserve cadres;

2. The company attaches importance to on-the-job training and personal development of employees, and provides diversified internal and external training and sufficient learning opportunities for employees, and has various professional skills and management skills training courses;

3. Fair and equitable promotion space, internal recruitment of all positions (clerk, team leader, quality control, warehouse management, technician, assistant engineer) is preferred.

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